Security Patrol

Transcoded Security Camera Solution, ideal for police and private security on the move.

WINK Streaming's Security Patrol is designed for police and private security to intelligently view live transcoded video on the move. The solution is ideal for use on tablet or large format mobile devices.

Highway Traffic


  • ▸ List View & Intelligent Map
  • ▸ Android and iOS Apps
  • ▸ Custom Branding and Signing
  • ▸ Integrates with existing cameras and VMS's
  • ▸ Smart bitrate delivery of live video
  • ▸ Compatible with existing VMS's
  • ▸ Video and Dynamic Image Options Available

Comprehensive Solutions for:

Traffic Cameras

traffic monitoring

⦿ City / State / Province Wide Traffic Camera on Public Website

Police and City Employee Access

police cameras and safety

⦿ Easy access for Police and City employees to view local cameras from mobile and home

Interagency Sharing

agency camera sharing

⦿ Interagency Sharing, Convert your Genetec feeds to HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH or RTSP at a reduced bitrate and share with other departments or agencies



⦿ Reduce bitrate live video feeds allow for quality viewing from home

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