Content Delivery Network

Convert your high bitrate live video into multiple efficient streams with transcoding.

WINK Streaming's Transcoding Technology allows you to redefine your live stream and share them with the world!

WINK Streaming has built a custom reliable content delivery network directly integrated into our products. Our video distribution solutions can provide live streaming, on-demand video playback, and network archiving.

High-quality video requires large amounts of bandwidth or architectural planning. Companies and Governments demand high-quality video experiences for their viewers worldwide but often are limited by corporate network resources. We work with all technologies and networks to ensure that all viewers have a perfect viewing experience through intelligent transcoding and resource management.


  • ▸ Compatible with all common protocols and codecs.
  • ▸ Multi-bitrate outputs & resolutions.
  • ▸ Complete playback support for web and mobile.


  • ▸ Reduce Bitrate from 5 MBPS to 0.3 MBPS
  • ▸ Maintain similar quality and frame rates
  • ▸ Encrypted and Secure Authentication Support
  • ▸ Static Image Preview and Live Video

Comprehensive Solutions for:

Traffic Cameras


⦿ City / State / Province Wide Traffic Camera on Public Website

Police and City Employee Access


⦿ Easy access for Police and City employees to view local cameras from mobile and home

Interagency Sharing


⦿ Interagency Sharing, Convert your Genetec feeds to HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH or RTSP at a reduced bitrate and share with other departments or agencies



⦿ Reduce bitrate live video feeds allow for quality viewing from home

Intelligent GPS Based Apps

GPS location automatically presenting local cameras

Ingress or Egress Cameras to/from Genetec

Support unsupported devices in Security Center

Commonly Used for:

  • ▸ Police Monitoring
  • ▸ Highway Management
  • ▸ Drones Monitoring
  • ▸ Oil Well Monitors
  • ▸ Snow Removal Trucks
  • ▸ Traffic Analysis
  • ▸ Remote Management and Administration

Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Support

  • ▸ Map and List Views
  • ▸ Single or Tile View
  • ▸ Customizable and Brandable
  • ▸ Intelligent Bandwith Management
  • ▸ PTZ passthrough controls
  • ▸ Alerts and Logging

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