Wink Streaming

Specialists in Live Video Encoding and Transcoding Solutions.

Live Video Solutions

WINK Streaming, a global leader in content delivery and content caching, video delivery, surveillance, encoding, and live transcoding solutions. We offer flexible and custom tailorable solutions for a range of deployment sizes from municipal to city and state-wide solutions.

We provide innovative solutions for a wide range of video surveillance, archival, transcoding and video wall displays. Our product competencies include encoding, transcoding, site bridging, distribution and relay, and content delivery. Our solution can be used stand-alone product suite, including both the front end, content delivery and back end, or as part of more extensive deployment of Genetec's Omnicast or Genetec's Security Centre, or Milestone's Commercial or Enterprise, or with a legacy VMS, analog matrix or video wall.

Video Transcoding

Low Latency Video Transcoding and offline archive transcoding solutions with interops for leading VMS systems and generic sources.


We provide a comprehensive global network for cloud-based video transcoding, management and delivery. We offer video transcoding and video management solutions entirely in the cloud.

Video Viewers & Walls

A comprehensive range of video monitoring including Mobile Android and iOS Applications, cross-platform Windows, OSX and Linux Desktop clients and a range of scalable Video Wall solutions.

Security & Surveillance

We offer scalable from a small office building or retail store to a city or state or a nationwide deployment. With standard support for unicast and multicast or hybridized networks our solutions are capable of operating in any complex deployment. Intranet, Internet, Web, and Mobile Delivery our solutions support industry standard protocols and a range of custom solution protocols and codecs.

Encoding & Transcoding

We offer high-quality, low latency, live encoding and transcoding solutions. Our systems provide a compressive range of protocols and codecs, including the latest H264, H265, HEVC, VP1, AV1, and a wide range of legacy protocols. We can provide encoding from legacy analog devices to modern HDMI and SDI inputs, and our transcoding solutions can be used from nearly every transport type, including; UDP & RTP Unicast and Multicast, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG-Dash, SRT, WebSockets and WebRTC.

Live Video Delivery

Global reach and global data centers. Our network is optimized to meet your needs. Delivery is available via a range of solutions, including BGP Anycast, DNS-based Geolocation - paired with local delivery from our extensive worldwide Edges and a range of hybrid Points-of-Presence allow our users to take advantage of our low latency global network. Our network is custom-made for working with WINK Streaming's products and services and allowing us to provide the best end-to-end solution for live encoded and transcoded video.