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WINK Shield (CDN)

Regardless of your server make or model, middleware or type of content you serve, WINK Shield is an all encompassing robust content delivery solution that will accelerate your web presence and keep your business online without breaking the bank.

Technology Overview

WINK Shield is a reverse proxy caching solution that painlessly enables you to transform your website into an accelerated, protected and load balanced monster. Riding on the backbone of WINK Streaming’s Content Delivery Network you can be confident that your site will always be available to your customers at blistering speeds.

WINK Shield - CDN Solution

  • Reverse Proxy Caching enables you to cache your static web content on multiple edge servers whilst passing through any dynamic content that should not be cached. This significantly reduces load and bandwidth on your web servers (origin server) as they only have to cope with generating dynamic content rather than processing every single request.
  • Multiple Edge Servers means your site is always load balanced and reduces single point of failures associated with running your site from just one location.  One location can be easily overloaded either from too many visitors’ or unwanted DDoS Attacks. Based on our WINK Shield architecture is easy to scale your infrastructure and meet your delivery demands.
  • Targeted Content Delivery – with Edge servers scattered across the globe users can be directed towards the Edge Server that is closest to their geographic location. This ensures the lowest possible latency and the fastest possible delivery of your web content.

WINK Shield Benefits

While the major benefits of using the WINK Shield reverse proxy are obvious, regardless of your online business model there are many advantages you can benefit from. Some of these advantages include:

Faster Site Performance

Distributed content delivery solution allows you in most cases to circumvent common internet bottlenecks. Multiple locations with intelligent routing coupled with WINK Streaming’s high performance global edge network results in websites that load considerably faster for your customers. 

Reduced Server Load

Reducing the load on your servers they will be able to perform optimally only having to serve dynamic content, giving them a new lease on life. By extending the life of your current hardware and networks your organization can avoid costly infrastructure upgrades. The heavy lifting is extended to our network of WINK Shield content delivery servers.

Instant Infrastructure

Leveraging our existing Global Network you gain the benefits of having an expansive global network without the associated costs. Sure, with the right budget and team in place you could build your own Content Delivery Network; however, we believe that by delegating your content delivery to us you free your time and resources to focus on what you do best - your core business.

DDoS Protection

WINK Shield not only is your website accelerated, it is also protected from DDoS attacks. Your servers and IP addresses can be completely concealed from public knowledge, thus when a hacker decides to launch an attack they do not have the benefit of attacking one or two IP addresses, rather their attack is distributed amongst our edge servers thereby diluting the attack and decreasing the odds of launching a successful attack.

Fast implementation

Traditional methods of content delivery in separating static and dynamic content by using separate URLs, our WINK Shield requires little or no reconfiguration of your website – we simply need to make a few additions to your DNS Records and your site becomes shielded with all of the associated benefits.