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WINK Wall is an intellgent, simple to use and setup firewall specially designed with DDOS protection in mind. WINK Wall features automatic content filtering and pattern matching as well as dynamic heuristic analysis and blocking algorithms. WINK Wall runs as a stand alone firewall product, but for the most comprehensive protection WINK Wall works seemlessly with WINK Shield.

WINK Wall provides low cost alternative to BGP DDOS protection services by cloaking your network or services via VPN technology to a DDOS protected service provide / VPN capable DDOS migitator. WINK Wall is tailor built to work with WINK Shield, but also works numerious DDOS migitation providors, such as; Staminus, Black Lotus or Prolexic. The WINK Wall emplores intelligent packet filtering and modification to ensure your source is always hidden.

WINK Wall features simple real time network overviews and graphs, that allow the administrator to drill down and to more comprehensive data. The log mechanism allows for forensic level review of virtual all activity on your network, which combined with historic graphs give you a complete view of your LAN, and WAN activity.




* Note: Featured Unit is the Studio Model. Available in rack mount.

Features and Specifications


  • Quadcore CPU Design
  • Gigabit(s) Stateful Throughput
  • VPN Support
    • 650 Mbps OpenVPN throughput
    • 450 Mbps 3DES and AES VPN throughput
    • VPN gateway auto failover
  • Dual or Quad Copper Gigabit Ethernet
    • Link Aggregation (Failover or Load Balance)
    • ISP / Route Failover
  • Adaptive QoS
    • Automatic QoS
      • Latency awareness
      • Packetloss awareness
    • Manual QoS
      • Predefine application and services
      • System and service policies
  • Multiple route / gateway failover support
  • Simple HTTP(s) Administration interface

DDOS Functionality

  • IP Cloaking
  • Heuristic Analysis
    • Trend patterns
    • Abuse patterns
    • New patterns
    • Service awareness
    • Abuse Tracking
      • Detailed logging
      • Incident reports
  • Packet filtering
  • Email cloaking
  • Auto analysis and ban
  • Realtime "violator" lists

Additional Functions

  • NAT / DNAT Static routing
  • DHCP Server
  • SNMP
  • EMail & SMS Notification
  • Socks5 Proxy
  • Remote reporting, administration and statistics

Content Filters

  • Pattern / Conten Matching
  • URL blocking
  • Service blocking
  • Content triggers


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