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WINK Wall is a uniquely compact 2U video wall controller. The WINK Wall is capable of outputting at 1920x1280 resolution across 32 displays using HDMI, HDCP, VGA or S-Video. The displays can be used with an overlaying layer, split screen, picture-in-picture and on-screen alerts.

WINK Wall is capable of working with touch screen monitors and supports input from optical pointers. The setup is quick and easy, with a simple to use auto calibration tool, you will never spend hours adjusting the outputs again.

Note: S-Video limits video resolution.



Features and Specifications


  • 32 HDMI Outputs
    • HDCP / VGA and S-Video Adapters available
    • 1920x1280 per display
  • Automatic Screen Calibration
  • Automatic Brightness balancing across displays
  • Compact 2U design
  • Dual or Quad Copper Gigabit Ethernet
    • Link Aggregation (Failover or Load Balance)
    • ISP / Route Failover
  • Built in redundant hotswap power supply
  • Simple HTTP(s) Administration interface
  • Content away sleep mode


  • Genetec Omnicast
  • Genetec Security Center
  • Bosch VMS
  • Panasonic Solutions


  • Display based alerts / OSD



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