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Video Streaming on Demand

With Flash Media Servers strategically placed around the globe on premium networks clients will be able to view and interact with your video content sooner and experience less buffering and lag – bringing to an end slow loading times and jittery video.

Flash has quickly become the industry standard for web delivery of video, gone are the days of installing active-x controls or missing codec’s or security vulnerabilities. While Flash has been limited to FLV files in the past – things just got a whole lot better with the support for industry standard H.264 video and HE-AAC audio.

H.264 & HE-AAC audio

Better compression means faster streaming to customers without lag or buffering, while from a business stand point it means a dramatic reduction in bandwidth bills and improved customer satisfaction. As H.246 / Mp4 files are an industry standard chances are there is no encoding needed to get things up and running on our Network.

Legacy Support

Already have a ton of FLV files that you don’t wish to re-encode? No problem, backwards compatibility means you can leave these the way they are and they will stream flawlessly across our network to your customers.

Mobile delivery

Adobe® Flash® Lite™ software is a powerful runtime engine for mobile and consumer electronics devices that is popping up on increasingly more cell phones and PDAs every day. Flash Lite now supports Video streaming making way for new and exciting possibilities.

Secure Content

Our customers place a lot of time into their video and securing that content is extremely important. With Wink Streaming’s Network the days of your competitors stealing your HTTP video are gone. RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) means that only part of the video that exists on a customer’s computer is what they are actively looking at, and perhaps a few seconds of buffer – this virtually eliminates any unauthorized re-distribution of your video content.

Billing by the Byte

Not only does RTMP streaming offer less overhead (and in turn less bandwidth) than HTTP downloading it also means that if a customer only looks at the first 20 seconds of video, you are only billed for those 20 seconds – not the entire video that has already been transferred into their cache. Our reporting back end will give you valuable insight into what your customers are looking at and where they are coming from.

Custom Players

We work with our customers to make sure that they have the best possible video players for their website. We have been making players for years, so we know the ins and outs. For the general public we also offer our Free Wink Player – and easily customizable video player that anyone can freely use at no cost.