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Our Technology

The Wink Streaming Advantage

Aside from our expansive global distribution network there are many benefits that Wink Streaming can bring to your organizations core business. While saving money is always a popular goal with the CFO, by improving your customers experience not only will your organization save money but your might actually grow your business!

Technological Overview

Signing up with a service provider really never makes sense unless you understand a little something about the service you are acquiring. In non technical terms we have outlined a little about the technology we employ, how it differs and why it rocks. If that is of no interest to you to read, note this: you'll save money and have a much better product than your competitor - and of course, a lot less headaches.

Technology Samples

We have added a few movie trailers as samples of RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) Streaming such that you can see what a stream in High Definition looks like. We realize that perhaps not everyone has the bandwidth to play video at that quality but why not give it a try! Remember to hit the full-screen button in the lower right of the video player to get the 'full experience'.

Wink Player - a Free Flash Video Player

Periodically we get requests from bloggers, site owners, individuals etc. that would like to use our simple yet effective video player. Since we are nice and we know what a hassle it can be to make the world’s best Flash Video Player we have decided that we'll make it available with some documentation to anyone who needs a video player for their website. Of course for our customers we provide custom players tailored their needs and source code where needed.