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Our Services

WINK Shield - Content Delivery Solution

WINK Shield is a reverse proxy caching solution that painlessly enables you to transform your website into an accelerated, protected and load balanced monster.

DNS - Domain Name Service

Wink Streaming's DNS Service offers businesses mission critical, fast, easy and fail-safe domain name resolution that keeps networks online and available.

Video on Demand Streaming Service

With Flash Media Servers strategically planted across the globe on premium networks your customers will be able to view your video content from the instant they hit 'play'. Gone are the days of jittery, lagged and pixilated video - Wink Streaming supports High Definition Video up to 1080p when your customers are ready for it.

Audio and Music Streaming Service

Whether you are in the business of radio, music or podcasting - Wink Streaming has a tailored solution for bringing your sounds in crystal clear quality to every last corner of the globe in real time.

Live Broadcasting Service

Real-time streaming of your video and music broadcasts. Bring to life your sporting events, webcasts, concerts or conferencing. Our expansive network ensures that your live video is delivered to customers hassle free and in real-time. Live streaming has never been easier!

Video Encoding, Transcoding, Optimization

In addition to our superior global network we also provide an encoding / transcoding service. Over the years we have realized that not everyone has the time or expertise to properly encode video. Properly encoded video not only improves customer experience, it is the easiest way to dramatically reduce your bandwidth bills.

Content Security - Digital Rights Management

With the advent of the explosion of Video and Music onto the web there have been endless controversies over complicated and contorted DRM. Keep you digital media secure or open it up to the world - as a content owner the choice should be yours.