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Media Streaming Samples

Here are some streaming samples.  Keep in mind that most of these are rather large files, so unless you are on a high-speed connection they might not play.  We will add lower bandwidth samples shortly.

Wall-e Trailer (2008) 

Size: 16,784 KB, Duration: 2:30, Codec: MP4 / H.264 AVC

Ironman Trailer (2008)

Size: 18,148 KB, Duration: 2:29, Codec: MP4 / H.264 AVC

Hancock Trailer (2008)

Size: 11,806 KB, Duration: 1:45, Codec: MP4 / H.264 AVC

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer (2008)

Size: 16,718 KB, Duration: 2:17, Codec: MP4 / H.264 AVC