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Audio and Music Streaming

Whether it be Live Radio, Podcasts or streaming of pre-recorded MP3 playlists you can utilize Wink Streaming’s Network to seamlessly broadcast your audio in crystal clear quality around the globe.

  • Crystal clear MP3 playback
  • Secure content delivery
  • Live Radio, Podcasts or Playlists

Live Radio

Using Wink Streaming’s Live Radio service allows you to broadcast your radio show around the world to any IP Enabled device with either Flash Player or Flash Lite 3 installed.  Never in the history of the world has then been an easier way to broadcast radio to each and every corner of the world in real time.


Easily allow access to all of your Podcasts using our global network and be assured that you content is secured against unauthorized redistribution. Simply upload your Podcast in MP3 format and instantly it is available from all of our servers.


Our network supports MP3 playlists – this is ideal if you would like your customers to preview a CD before they make a purchase or if you wish to securely promote your music content.