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Video Encoding / Transcoding

In addition to our superior global network we also provide an encoding / transcoding service. The logic is simple – the smaller your video footprint, the less data you transfer and the more money you save. Properly compressed and encoded video also offers a richer user experience and allows your video to reach customers that might not have the fastest internet connection.

In many cases we have seen that a video in the 120 Mb range can actually be re-encoded down to under 12 Mb without any loss to quality or customer experience. This reduction in size is quite impressive and translates into huge cost savings in bandwidth bills.

Video encoding itself has become a bit of a science, and we realize that not everyone has the staff or resources to properly undertake the task of getting their files into the most optimized state. We can encode / transcoding  virtually any video you might have into MPEG4 format using the H.264 codec, obviously the better the original the better the end result will be.

H.264 is widely recognized as the future platform of video compression for a wide variety of applications such as HDTV services, portable game consoles, broadcast video services, camcorders, video messaging on cell phones etc.. H.264 is the most advanced video coding standard available today. It uses many new coding techniques not available in MPEG2, MPEG4 and H.263. It is revered as the greatest achievement in video compression in the past 10 years.

Anyone interested in learning more about the achievements and developments of the H.264 codec should refer to the extensive article on as it outlines pretty much everything there is to know, and then some!

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