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Domain Name System (DNS)

Wink Streaming's DNS Service offers businesses mission critical, fast, easy and fail-safe domain name resolution that keeps networks online and available. Our Proprietary DNS Service was designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled manageability and performance. Some highlights of this DNS service include:

Global Name Server Network

Wink Streaming's Global Network provides high quality, well distributed services via strategically placed servers on premium Tier I network backbones in secure state-of-the-art collocation facilities.  In short, one Networks hiccups should have limited to no effect on our operations.

Round Robin Load Balancing

Round Robin DNS is a technique of load distribution, load balancing, or fault-tolerance by specifying multiple IP Addresses for a single host. You can associate as many IPs per host as you like and know in confidence your changes will take effect as fast as possible minimizing on any downtime of your servers.


Using a multi-master architecture (as compared with a traditional master/slave configuration) coupled with advanced database replication allows us to globally distribute Zone Records across our network in real-time. This provides business with the fastest possible record propagations and built in redundancy.

Instant Propagation

Superior database architecture ensures instant replication of your DNS changes to our Global Network of DNS servers. Utilizing this multi-master technique of DNS servers and database replication (versus traditional DNS Zone Transfers) means the moment you make a change to your DNS record it is ready to serve client DNS requests - No more waiting minutes, hours and days for DNS changes to propagate.

Simple Management of SOA, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SPF and TXT Records

Our Domain Name System was designed to support virtually every non-obsolete, RFC supported record type including 128-bit IPv6 addresses. Some of the more common DNS Record types encountered on a daily basis include:

  • A - IPv4 address record: 32-bit IPv4 address used to map hostnames to an IP address.
  • AAAA - IPv6 address record: 128-bit IPv4 address used to map hostnames to an IP address.
  • CNAME - Canonical name record: Alias of one name to another.
  • MX - mail exchange record: Maps a domain name to a list of mail servers for that domain
  • SPF - SPF record: Specified as part of the SPF protocol, as an alternative to storing SPF data in TXT records.
  • TXT - Text record: human-readable text, opportunistic encryption, Sender Policy Framework and Domain Keys.

Proprietary DNS software

In order to provide the best possible Domain Name Resolution, our DNS system was built from the ground up to deliver a world-class product.  It is high-performance, yet simple to manage hundreds of Zones via our web based management interface.

Web based Management

As with all of our services you can easily access and manage your DNS entries from our easy-to-use web interface. For basic DNS management you won't need any special skills or knowledge of how DNS works; however, even the savviest administrators will appreciate the freedom to tailor DNS records exactly the way they want them - this is truly a system built by administrators for administrators.