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Career Opportunities

WINK Streaming is looking to hire the following positions. Please submit your resume in PDF format to

Technical Support 

This position is a inbound technical support role, that offers a flexible schedule. This role is avalable in a morning, evening and night. Inbound bound technical support, requires basic understanding of IP routing, network latency, packet loss and QoS.

Technical support is performed by a email ticket system, you will not be required to take phone calls.

Required Skills:
Intermediate Linux
Conceptual understand of network routing
Strong written english

Locations Available:
Panama City, Panama

January, 2014

PHP / .NET Developer

We are seeking a strong PHP developer to work on in house web applications. 

Required Skills:
5 years PHP
5 years C# / ASP.NET 
RRD Graph

Locations Available:
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

April, 2014

Video Codec Developer

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with the MPEG family of codecs, and strong working knowledge of related codecs.

Required Skills:
Practicle experience with MPEG family of Codecs
C / C++
Strong understand of network routing and latency

Locations Available:
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Decemeber, 2013