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Our Advantage

Competitive Pricing

Wink Streaming has the some of the most competitive rates in the industry on raw bandwidth usage. This coupled with our ‘Billing by the Byte’ means you save even that much more as you do not pay for impressions rather only the section of the clip you customer actually viewed or listened to. Keep in mind that progressive HTTP as commonly seen on sites such as YouTube rates are calculated based on what is streamed to the customer’s computer – and in 99% of the times nobody makes it past the half way point of the video – why would you want to pay for that!

Cost Savings

Wink Streaming can improve you product offering while at the same time save your organization money:

  1. Latest H.264 codec means better quality and much smaller file sizes for video. Smaller sizes mean happier customers and lower bandwidth bills.
  2. We offer encoding services to make sure you video is as optimized as it possible can be.
  3. Fully managed global network – save money on IT and infrastructure costs.
  4. Custom Video Players and source code access save on your development costs.
  5. Support for advertisements in video.
  6. Our network is gear specifically to high bandwidth usage, chances are we can actually stream your video cheaper than if you were to do it yourself.
  7. Your content is secured, meaning your unscrupulous competitors are no longer leeching your content – allowing you to solely leverage and maximize on your content offerings.


Video, audio and multimedia in general can take its toll on any web farm. Our network on the other hand is designed to be infinitely scalable and distributed. By using our services you can dramatically decrease the load on your network and put off worrying about overages and your network availability until another day when you HTTP traffic goes thought the roof.

Reporting Tools

At no extra charge (yes some competitors charge extra for this!) you have full access to near real-time reporting that gives you access to both raw usage data and summarized data. See where your customers are coming from and what they are looking at whenever you like.

24/7 Support

We’re available around the clock to answer any support questions. We as much as anyone else appreciate that when you have a serious business problem you get someone on the line who knows what they are talking about and not just someone sitting in a call centre who asks you to reboot your computer multiple times.

Thought Leadership

We have been streaming media around the globe for years upon years so we are quite familiar with the nuances involved, the tips and tricks of the trade and pretty much any issues that might come up. The success of our company largely depends on the success of our customers - for this reason we bend over backwards to offer assistance or advice to our customers where we can help.